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Pommel - Epee French Grip, "Palmel" (18g - 135g), Version 2

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Product Description

Latest edition of the Palmel by R.W. Zehr

The Palmel 3.0 is intended to be held in the palm of the hand below the base of the thumb. It is shaped like the inside of your hand, for best comfort and least stress when fencing Extended French style epee. It provides the longest possible reach, and maximizes hand contact for improved control and power, while reducing strain and bruising of the hand. It is also one of the lightest pommels available.
This third version has been redesigned for better grip, strength, and ease of installation.
	- Grip is now improved with a fine-grained pebble surface, providing maximum grip in any glove without needing rubber coating that can wear out. The rounded nubs of the surface will not cause excessive wear of your glove. 
	- The Palmel is now made of extremely strong polycarbonate thermoplastic. It has been tested with a 16 oz. hammer on an anvil; the hammer just bounces off. 
	- Installation is a matter of placing it on the tang using a standard internal-hex pommel nut. No shim washers are needed.
	Length: 50mm
	Weight: 22g
	Material: Black Polycarbonate
	Competition Legality: The Palmel appears to be fully legal in all US and International competition. This assertion is based on comments by Dan DeChaine, Olympic Tournament Master Armorer and emeritus member of the SEMI commission. Quoted here with his permission:
	“There is absolutely nothing in the rules to prohibit the use of this pommel. Further, there is no need to have it approved by the SEMI Commission as long as the total length of the pommel and grip and thickness of the guard do not exceed 20 cm.”  Adding confirmation, the Palmel has passed Armory inspection at many FIE- and USAF-sanctioned tournaments, without being excluded, to my knowledge.

	- The tang must protrude from the french grip a minimum of 15mm, maximum 22mm. Trim the tang if necessary
	- Insert the supplied flat washer in the hole, followed by the lock-washer and the pommel nut.
	- Do NOT ream out the hole. It is finished to 9.9mm I.D., and the nubby surface creates a press-fit on the pommel nut for strength.
	- The pommel nut will be a light press-fit in the hole for a standard 10mm pommel nut. Place the pommel nut on an Allen wrench hex key and use it to align the pommel nut, then press it in firmly until it bottoms out. 
	- Screw the Palmel onto the tang, set the angle and tighten the pommel nut. First time installation will remove excess plastic from the 6mm hole. The fatter axis should be vertical, more or less in the same plane as the bend in the blade.
	- Because the hold position of the Palmel tends to angle the blade a bit upward, you may wish to cant the epee blade slightly downward, to facilitate foot touches without needing to pronate.
The Palmel is warranted against breakage. If one should ever break, the manufacturer will replace it or refund your purchase price.

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